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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dogs should be allowed to vote

I mean, think about it. Sure, they wouldn't understand the candidate's platform or his views on taxation, gay marriage or immigration. But why should they? Dogs don't have views on taxation, gay marriage or immigration - they don't care about that.

But everyone knows a dog is a great judge of character and that's the important thing here. Humans can understand the candidate's stance on 'issues' and that's what they care about. But people generally aren't very good at judging someone's character. Especially someone as slick as a career-politician.

So, my proposal is: enfranchise dogs! People will vote on the candidates platform. Dogs will vote on his character. Combined, that should greatly improve the process.

Now obviously I'm not saying a dog could fill out a ballot, I'm not crazy you know, but we could line the candidates up in a row and have them all call out to the dog-voter. The one the dog goes to (and doesn't bark at) gets the vote. And any candidates with sausages in their pockets would be disqualified.

So spread the word: give dogs the vote!

...anyway, they'd be better at it than Floridians. *zing!*

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