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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fisking while on drugs

I never did braid my hair.
If you’ll look back to the presidential campaign, you’ll remember that the Bush campaign had caricatured John Kerry as a french-loving wimpy buffoon of the highest order. That was the tactic headquarters had decided on, and in a matter of time the right-wing had taken their marching orders and gone to town. Soon, a swirl of groups, pundits and news channels were marching in lockstep.
I did live with a guy once, though, but that was just for a couple of years. Usual slurs, rumours, innuendos, people didn't understand. Ran him out of town like a common pygmy.
Then the debate happened. For some reason, Bush got to believing his own press, believing that John Kerry was a simpering moron and would simply genuflect to him, the wartime commander in chief.
Sure, he was a Physical Education major, but he had a mind, he could think, wasn't all muscle, all body, all sinewy limbs. He got married, you know, later, had three kids. Never cared for her.. sent a nice gift, never got a note.
Except, John Kerry outclassed the teetotaler from Texas, and it pissed Bush off. It was easily the worst political performance of his life, and it happened because Kerry did something people so rarely do with George W. Bush: they disagreed with him to his face.
I told him she was wrong. And that younger boy. Just like his father, football hero. Lived with him for a year.. wasn't the same... can't go back.

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