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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Inciting zoophobia by inventing species-specific stereotypes

Dogs. Yeah, sure, they may be all loyal and a man's best friend, but god are they ever stupid.

I mean who falls for the 'pantomine throwing a ball' trick a hundred times in a row? A dog's idea of a good time is either fetching a stick or chasing its own tail. A hundred times in a row.

I asked my dog whether he supported increased foreign aid for developing countries or would instead support increased efforts in establishing stable governments, property rights and free markets coupled with abolition of agricultural subsidies. Guess what the idiot said?


Hey, Snoopy! Why don't you use that hyper-developed sense of smell to sniff out a clue!

In summation: dogs are so stupid they wouldn't get into kindergarten without an affirmative action program, and thus should be excluded from all executive and governmental posts.

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