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Monday, August 22, 2005

Fisking While Drunk

anbyodu evar tell yuo you looklike amushroom?
Is there anyone in America who cannot yet see that Donald Rumsfeld is a liar... that he, as with Hitler and Stalin....will say anything so long as he thinks it will help shape the world to his own liking? Is there even one, sane adult among us who cannot see that Donald Rumsfeld is a threat to our nation’s security and to peace on our beloved earth?
Hey yuo wacth waht you shay abut donald!#% you thinkits easy raisung three kids yb yuorself? and taht scroog hsould be ashamd ofimself nevar giving amy money for poor litl huey, duey adn luwi! atlest they haf daisu as a motger figuer of a soprts
Paul Wolfowitz, after months of not finding any Weapons of Mass Destruction.... and after hundreds of US soldiers were killed....my son amongst them.... and after tens of thousands of innocent Iraq citizens were killed.... this same Paul Wolfowitz casually explained....with his kindly charade and his ever so soft voice... that a decision was made to put forth "Weapons of Mass Destruction" as the need for the invasion.
waht dont intreeupt me bicth ill kixk yuor ass.

...now wat wos i sayign?
Essentially, Paul Wolfowitz admitted that he and his fellow conspirators had decided amongst themselves "... let’s just go with the bit about Weapons of Mass Destruction. It’s the one thing that will scare the American people enough so as to cause them to get behind this invasion."
hahahah hey cehck this out.. wait.... wait fro it... TEHRE!~ smell that? waepons of GAS destrutcon! hahaha get it?
As soft-spoken and sincere-sounding as Paul Wolfowitz is, is there yet any sane adult in this country whose skin does not crawl when this murderous liar opens his mouth and speaks? Am I the only person in this room who clearly sees that Paul Wolfowitz is a threat to our nation’s security... and to peace on our beloved earth?"
ami teh only preson in thi sroom who could use another bier?

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