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Sunday, September 18, 2005

What's the difference between me and a covert black-ops operative?

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Blogger Rick Hunter said...

Ops personnel are highly trained and motivated, son.

Blogger dr.dna said...

Are you saying I'm not highly trained and motivated? I'll have you know that--

well.. actually, I'm not highly trained. I was trained in a quite low-lying area as a matter of fact. Well below sea-level.

But I am motivated! You can't help but be motivated when the voices in your head threaten to beat you with a baseball bat made of extremely hardened blue cheese, which would leave you not only terribly injured, but smelling funny.

Blogger Rick Hunter said...

I smell funny all the time. However I do all the hygene things, I guess its just my lot in life.

Pvt. Joker


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