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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stand by for mind-control!

So.. all you people that thought I was crazy was crazy was crazy. What about this then?

Well, I for one smell a goldmine! That's why I'm looking for investors for my new business: Dan's Tin-Foil Wear. Look out for my new autumn collection, which gracefully combines the classic with the unconventional, providing an eclectic mix of space-agey colors and practical durability under a distinctly nautical theme.

For round-the-clock cognitive insulation* you can't beat Dan's Tin-Foil Wear!

Dan's Tin-Foil Wear is suitable for the whole family, including pets (for the prudent canine aficionado that doesn't want the government to know where the bone is buried!)

The Crazy Imam says: I heartily endorse this product for protecting against the joooooooish mind-rays!

* Only protects against mind-reading techniques targeting the head. A tin-foil scarf and/or turtleneck for protection against Vulcan mind-melds is still in the design-phase due to its unfortunate tendency to decapitate the wearer in case of vigorous head movements.

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