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Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Daily Show

So it's not just me.

The biggest indicator that TDS is now operating solely in Bush-bash mode is that the three last episodes I've seen, all filled to the top with Katrina material, never once has Stewart said anything about the mayor and governor's role in the debacle.

It's Andrew Sullivan all over again. I get the feeling that Stewart's been holding back for a long time and in the last month or two, something snapped and now he's letting it all out.

It's a shame really.

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Anonymous ilyka said...

And Stewart prefers to characterize himself as a moderate. That's the best part.

I used to really love him--even before he got the Daily Show gig. But Katrina's unmasked the rabid partisans in this country, and he's among them.

There may be right-wing bloggers who'd stand by Bush even if he had earned the bulk of the blame, but the ones I'm reading, particularly Protein Wisdom, aren't exhibiting slavish devotion to the administration; they're just saying "Can we look at this first? Can we look at the facts? Can we look at the chain of command? Can we look at the Constitution?"

For that, they're labeled Bush toadies.

It's gotten bad. It's gotten so bad. And it's helping the real victims?--Not one bit.

Anonymous Pete (Alois) said...


As for Andrew Sullivan, I checked in with him recently and had this to say.

Guy has totally gone off the deep end, as has anyone who pays lip service to the racialization of Katrina. Raving fucking lunacy.

Blogger Scott said...

It is sad. I've been downloading him regularly for a last couple years, but finally had enough during the Katrina crap.

I still check out the Daily Show website, where you can watch clips of the show. I still to Cordy and their "investigative reports"

Blogger dr.dna said...

It seems like they lost alot of viewers around that time. Me and Sam included.


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