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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fisking myself: an experiment in recursive blogging

You smell funny.
You know how if you open the refrigerator, the cold air inside mixes with the warm air outside until they reach equilibrium?
Equilibrium, eh? My, my, what big words we're using.
The end result is air that is warmer than the cold air and colder than the warm air at the beginning.
Wait, I'm confused.. is the colder air warmer than the cold air was before it was warmer than the cold air or was the warmer air warmer than the cold air after the colder air got warm?
Now, if you teach me something, what if that means that I get a little bit smarter and you get a little bit dumber? I mean, what if students going to school are getting a little bit smarter, but the teachers are getting dumber until at the end, we reach equilibrium - everyone is the same. Totally uniform intelligence.
You'd like that scenario wouldn't you, Mr. Single-Digit-IQ?

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Blogger Rick Hunter said...

...and why are wide mouth cans that big of a deal? I mean, my buddy says his dad invented that concept, but the soda companies stole his idea. Futhermore, IQ is an overated, ahhh......lost my train of thought.

Blogger dr.dna said...

Yeah, but if you can run the sock off the nutmeg past the line-up, well you've got three points written blind, haven't you? As a matter of fact, I've been doing some research, and this'll tickle you, you've got to go all the way back to westham for a diagonal counterabbit.

Blogger dr.dna said...

..or do you think that's just bullplop?


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