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Monday, September 12, 2005

Hard to get

I don't get it. There's this tacit understanding in today's society that men 'love the chase' and women should play hard-to-get.

Is there really any guy who believes this? If I'm rejected or getting negative signals, that's it. It's like flipping a switch. If you don't give me the impression that you want me too, that's not a turn-on - it's the opposite.

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Anonymous ilyka said...

That'd be my feeling on it if I were a guy, and as it is, I don't like "playing" anything. If I have to work at it that hard--well, I just won't, is all. I'm sorry, but since vibrators were invented, there simply isn't any point playing head games just to get some.

But I have known guys who like hard-to-get and my admittedly half-assed theory about it is, for them it's like being the number-one sales guy in the department, or being able to bench-press more weight than anyone else at the gym, etc. It's more about proving to themselves that they're The Best than it is about romance or sex or whatever.

Blogger dr.dna said...

yeah, but those guys are the exception, not the rule.


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