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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Suspenseful tidbits from my Life™ #1

In a moment, i shall venture into the kitchen (or food preparation) area to toast two slices of white bread, upon which i shall - at the completion of the toasting process - apply moderate amounts of cream cheese and/or other savoury comestibles according to taste, using a flat, elongated, sharpened metallic object, commonly referred to as a knife.

A knife.

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Anonymous Pete (Alois) said...

Daniel, your life sounds so much like mine that it's scary. Dude.

Blogger dr.dna said...

Then you know something of the intense danger and imperilment involved.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting for the toaster... almost more than a fella can handle. Got to watch my blood pressure. Of course you're young so it's not such an issue for you, I suppose. Sigh.

Anonymous Pete (Alois) said...

Oh sorry, that last was from me, of course. I hate anonymous posters.


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